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Case Study: Empowering Dental Practices with Comprehensive Recruitment Solutions

As the dental industry continues to grow, staffing challenges are becoming more prevalent. A recent client faced this dilemma and needed to find a solution. That’s where Hire Health came in. As a private equity firm specializing in dental practice acquisitions, they lacked an applicant tracking system (ATS), structured recruiting processes, and standardized recruitment practices. Hire Health stepped in to bridge this gap and deliver tailored recruitment solutions that produced immediate results. 

Hire Health_Case Study_Empowering Dental Practices with Comprehensive Recruitment Solutions


Hire Health encountered several key challenges including: 

Absence of Recruitment Infrastructure: The company had no existing ATS or recruitment processes, making it difficult to track and manage candidates efficiently.

High Volume Staffing Needs: With the acquisition of multiple dental practices, the demand for dentists and support staff surged, necessitating a scalable recruitment solution.

Diverse Position Requirements: Staffing needs included high-demand roles such as dental assistants, hygienists, and administrative staff, as well as specialized positions like general dentists and orthodontists.

Our Strategic Approach 

Comprehensive Recruitment Audit

Hire Health initiated the engagement by conducting a thorough review of the company's existing recruitment processes, reporting mechanisms, business units, and technological capabilities. This due diligence phase aimed to identify gaps and define the current recruitment model.

Data-Driven Solution Design

Utilizing insights from the audit, Hire Health developed a customized recruitment strategy tailored to the client's specialized needs. This involved building, testing, and delivering a solution designed to streamline the recruitment process while also enhancing efficiency.

Implementation of Recruitment Infrastructure

To address the absence of an ATS and standardized processes, Hire Health implemented a robust system that enabled the efficient tracking and management of candidates. This included the establishment of standardized recruitment practices to ensure consistency and transparency across all acquired practices.

Focused Sourcing and Screening

Given the high volume of positions needing to be filled, Hire Health deployed a targeted sourcing strategy to attract qualified candidates. This included leveraging the popular job platforms Indeed, LinkedIn Recruiter, Zip Recruiter, and HireEZ. Recognizing the unique requirements of dental practices, we also invested in specialized recruitment platforms tailored to the dental industry like iHireDental and Dentist Job Cafe, allowing us access to a niche market of professionals actively seeking new opportunities.

To supplement our online sourcing efforts, we purchased a targeted contact list via Complete Medical List that provided direct access to potential candidates. By acquiring contact information for dentists from this comprehensive database, we were able to reach out directly to qualified professionals and engage them in our recruitment process.

The activity data highlights the scale and effectiveness of this approach:

Tailored Recruitment for Diverse Roles

Understanding the diverse staffing needs, Hire Health focused on fulfilling both high-volume positions and specialized roles within dental practices. This dual approach ensured that the company could meet the demand for dental assistants, hygienists, and administrative staff while also securing skilled dentists and orthodontists.

Our Efforts Resulted In:

Enhanced Recruitment Efficiency

Implementing an ATS and standardized processes significantly improved the efficiency of the recruitment process. The ability to track candidates through each stage of the recruitment funnel resulted in a more streamlined and transparent process.

Successful Placements

Despite the high volume of positions to be filled, Hire Health achieved remarkable success in placing qualified candidates. The activity data underscores this achievement:

  • A total of 61 offers were extended of which 51 were accepted 
  • The focus on both high-volume and specialized roles ensured that all staffing needs were met promptly and effectively.

Scalable Recruitment Solution

The recruitment solution designed by Hire Health proved to be scalable, making it possible for  the company to continue expanding its network of dental practices without facing staffing bottlenecks. Both the standardized processes and ATS implementation provided a foundation for ongoing recruitment success.

In Conclusion

This case study highlights our ability to deliver comprehensive recruitment solutions tailored to the unique needs of the medical sector. By addressing the absence of recruitment infrastructure, implementing a robust ATS, and deploying a targeted sourcing strategy, Hire Health successfully filled needed positions, from dental assistants to specialized dentists. The result was a streamlined, efficient, and scalable recruitment process that empowered the client to continue its growth trajectory within the dental industry.

About Hire Health

Hire Health is a leading recruitment agency specializing in the healthcare sector. Our expertise spans a wide range of roles, including high-demand positions and specialized roles within healthcare practices. By leveraging data-driven insights and implementing tailored recruitment solutions, we help healthcare organizations achieve their staffing goals while also enhancing their operational efficiency. Contact us today to learn how we can support your staffing needs and optimize your recruitment processes.

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